CFP: Immigration, Americanization, and Christian Faith, AAR, November 22-25, 2014, San Diego

(Mar 03, 2014)

Papers are sought for a panel on Immigration, Americanization, and Christian faith proposed for this year's American Academy of Religion (AAR) Annual Meeting to be held on November 22-25 in San Diego Also, a chair and a respondent are sought. Since late 2012, a wide discussion has continued over the rise of the "nones" in the U.S. population, documented then by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life ( One might wonder to what degree youth and young adults who are children of immigrants, or who are immigrants themselves, retain, redefine, or reject the Christian faith and practice that their parents carried to the U.S., if not themselves. What are the tensions that youth and young adult Christians and their parents have felt while living in or between their American homeland and their countries of origin or recent ancestry?

Secured already are two papers to examine this course of transmission and exchange in historical perspective. One will examine the experience of Greek Orthodox in America in the twentieth century but especially over the past fifty years. The other will examine changes that took place among some Lutherans, particularly from Sweden and Norway, one to two generations earlier than the Orthodox who emigrated. Needed now are one or two papers that could examine the topic in any time period from any discipline(s), perhaps utilizing cross-disciplinary approaches. As the two papers mentioned concern Europe, papers concerning Asia, Africa, or Latin America are encouraged. Studies of groups of youth and young adults and their parents are preferred. Examinations of immigrants and/or children of immigrants are required.

Please e-mail a short abstract and your c.v. to as soon as possible. Your reply is anticipated!