IASA Executive Council Election Results

(Dec 23, 2013)

IASA is pleased to announce the results of its 2013 Executive Council election. Congratulations to Dr. Chiara Mazzuchelli, Dr. John Paul Russo and Dr. Anthony Tamburri on their reelections, and congratulations to Jessica Femiani and Joey Nicoletti on their election to a first term as Council members. You can view the complete Council Roster on the About IASA page of our website: Click Here.

Election Results

Anthony Julian Tamburri (81.36 %)
Chiara Mazzucchelli (76.27%)
John Paul Russo (74.58%)
Jessica Femiani (54.24%)
Joey Nicoletti (50.85%)
Carol Bonomo Albright (49.15)
Courtney Ruffner Grieneisen (45.76%)

IASA would also like to thank outgoing Council members Dr. Joseph Sciorra and Dr. Stefano Luconi for their distinguished service.

Finally, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and the belle cose in 2014.