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How Italian are You? Let Your Voice be Heard in a New Research Project

(Oct 21, 2013)

Dr. Rosemary Serra, a leading research sociologist from the University of Trieste in Italy, has come to New York as a visiting research scholar at the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute of Queens College, City University of New York, to investigate the status of Italian American identity within the greater New York area.

The tool used to gather the data is a self-administered questionnaire, designed by Dr. Serra who hope to receive responses from hundreds of young Italian Americans falling within the age ranges 18-34.

“Gathering and interpreting this information,” she says, “ is crucial for the future of the Italian American community. I want to see what changes have occurred in the ways people identify with their Italian background and heritages.”

Through the understanding of factors that influence Italian American identity and the ways in which they affect individuals’ daily lives, Dr. Serra plans to analyze her subjects’ self-representations and self-perceptions of representations suggested by others of the Italian American community. She also hopes to determine the meaning that Italian heritage has in the daily lives of the younger generations and how it affects their values, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and images of Italy and Italians.

Dr. Serra will be providing questionnaires beginning now. Volunteering for this research is a way to express your connection to your culture and offer suggestions about what needs to be done for the future of Italian American identity. Upon completion of her analyses, Dr. Serra will publish the results of her work in articles and eventually in book form.

Interested volunteers can contribute to this ground-breaking and relevant research project through your voluntary participation. Please contact Dr. Rosemary Serra, by email rosemaryserra@libero.it

Upon receipt of your email, Dr. Serra will provide you with a survey questionnaire that can be completed online.