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UPDATED: IASA 2013 Conference: Italian-American Identity Politics

(May 03, 2013)

Italian-American Identity Politics

New Orleans Marriott
October 3-5, 2013

This year’s conference examines the politics of the identifying term “Italian American” from multiple perspectives and in different time periods. The evocation of “Italian American” for political purposes and agendas has a varied history, e.g., to combat anti-Italian American discrimination, to rally allegiance to Mussolini’s Fascist regime, or to support feminism. In addition to various ideological positions, the structures for conjuring and maintaining ethnic identity have also been myriad, including newspapers, the Catholic Church, commercial marketing, voluntary associations, and social media sites What are the social conditions in which the ever-changing narratives of collective identity are formulated and perpetuated? How are ethnic symbols and practices mustered and re-invented at the service of “Italian American?” And ultimately, how do competing politics reveal and engender intragroup tensions but possibly also productive dialogue, both of which might re-configure understandings and enactments of the very term “Italian American?”

Conference Committee:
Bénédicte Deschamps
Michael Eula
Laura E. Ruberto
Joseph Sciorra, chair

Conference Program

Click below to download a PDF version of the IASA 2013 Conference Program