MLA Italian American Literature Discussion Group Seeking Scholars and Instructors

(Mar 12, 2015)

The MLA Italian American Literature Discussion group is seeking scholars and instructors interested in presenting at its round-table session—Negotiating Ethnic Politics: Teaching Ethnic Literature in an Italian American Context—scheduled for the 2016 MLA Convention in Austin, TX, January 7-10.

The session proposes to explore approaches by which the teaching of ethnic literature can be expanded and enhanced through the development of courses within an Italian American context.

Possible topics could include:

  • Challenging conventional definitions of ethnic literature through the inclusion of Italian American literature in course syllabi.
  • Exploring how Italian American perspectives broaden literary investigation of diversity in American literature and/or Italian literature.
  • Incorporating Italian American literature into courses focusing of the Italian diaspora.
  • Developing and promoting courses focusing on Italian American literature.
  • Utilizing points of collusion and collision between Italian American and other ethnic literatures, or between Italian American and Italian literature, in the classroom.
  • Pedagogical approaches to teaching ethnic literature in an Italian American context.

Prospective participants should forward a 300 word abstract and a brief bio to Carla Simonini at by March 26, 2015.